Introducing Language Challenges

Language Challenges Publicly declaring your goals is an idea that I’ve spoken about before. Therefore I’ve decided to set myself language challenges to improve various but specific areas of knowledge of my foreign languages. For those of you who don’t know what SMART goals are here’s a quick run down: SMART stands for: S: Specific. A specific, […]

Backstreet’s Back… Or is it just me?

… Nope, it’s just me. Hello everyone, nice to (re)make your acquaintance. Sorry that I’ve been absent for a long time. I’m also sorry that I tricked you into coming to this post by suggesting the Backstreet Boys were making yet another reunion. No apologies for you being here though *hugs*. So why have I been digitally absent for […]

The website is live!

Welcome to my new site Laptop & Flip Flops. This is a lifestyle blog about the great things and the challenges of living abroad, travel destinations and tips, and learning languages. I’m so excited to finally be launching the site and can’t wait to share my experiences with you all. You can read more about my […]