How to spend a fantastic evening in Bay of Islands, New Zealand

If you’re ever in New Zealand and you’re looking for a must-see place head up to the north of the North Island to Paihia and the Bay of Islands. It is a stunning place with a wealth of activities on offer. Due to the enforced high tax on various activities you may need to choose […]

A Sunday trip to Nîmes – a delight in Roman architecture

Nîmes is one of the most well preserved examples of Roman architecture outside Italy. Indeed, it is home to the most intact amphitheatre in the world, more so than the Colloseum in Rome itself. We drove from Montpellier (a 45 minute journey) for the day and saw some of the key sights without exerting too much energy. […]

Climbing Camelback Mountain

The above are a selection of quotes from TripAdvisor reviewers of the Camelback Mountain Hike. When I visit a new place I like to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban centre and a hike is perhaps at the top of list of options. Upon reading TripAdvisor even I, a relatively young and good-looking 27 […]

Road Trip Around Tasmania

Amongst Australians Tasmania, fondly called Tassie, is the butt of jokes. Four seasons in a day and the people have webbed feet due to the tiny gene pool, so they say. Well I never saw any of the people take off their shoes so I can’t comment. What I can tell you about is the […]

Phoenix & The Grand Canyon, Arizona Gallery

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